About the Chamber

What is the Chamber?
The Chamber is an association of business people — working together to make the Pine Ridge area a better place in which to live, work and raise a family.

Board of Directors

The Chamber is governed by a board of directors. The directors are nominated from the membership every two years. The officers are nominated by the elected board and serve in capacity for one year. Officers include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 5th member.

The Chamber understands the importance of partnering with like-minded organizations to accomplish the goals and mission set forth. These are some of the partnerships the Chamber is involved in:

The Oweesta Collaborative
Collaborative of nine organizations focused on economic development on three reservations.

Native Discovery Partnership
Partnership between three reservation based organizations and one off reservation organization focused on bringing awareness of the reservations to out of state travelers.

The Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates
Alliance of the nine tribes of South Dakota focused on tribal tourism. The Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce appreciates both new and existing businesses in the Pine Ridge Reservation area, as well as our neighbors who live among us. While we support all businesses, there are many benefits of joining in partnership with us. We sponsor many events in our community and whenever possible, patronize our business members for door prizes, supplies and materials. We not only promote the Pine Ridge Reservation and surrounding areas locally, but regional and nationally as well. We receive numerous calls each day requesting information and recommendations. As a Chamber member, we promote your business and your town in our responses to those requests at every opportunity. Each and every month, the Chamber staff produces a news letter “Buffalo Tracks” to inform membership on day to day activities of the past month and upcoming events. In addition to the news letter the Chamber has a website and utilizes e-mail to inform membership on important and upcoming issues.

Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce Board Members 2013-2014

Arlin Whirlwind Horse

OST Enrolled Member

5th Member
Marquittee Heathershaw

OST Enrolled Member

Vice President
Jo White
OST Enrolled Member

Board Member

Gerarld Cournoyer
OST Enrolled Member
Board Member
Howard Olsen
OST Enrolled Member
Ivan Sorbel – Executive Director
January Rose Mathis – Development Coordinator
Sydnee Ferguson – Administrative Assistant

Howard Rooks – Job Coach/Driver

Allie TrueBlood – Assistant Driver

College Interns- Summer 2014
Kyle Whalen
Danielle Griffith
Kahomy Souksavath

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